Red Alpha is a family of dedicated and experienced technology professionals whose core competencies include:

  • Cloud Engineering

  • Data Engineering

  • DevOps

  • Cloud Development

  • Cybersecurity Engineering

  • Enterprise Software Architecture

  • Software Engineering

  • Analytics

  • Data Science

  • Systems Engineering


Our Goals Are Simple

  • Provide the best possible expertise and support to ensure the achievement of our customers' technology and mission goals. 

  • Create the best possible environment to allow our engineers to flourish.

  • Exercise our commitment to deliver high-performance services to our teaming partners to ensure thriving, long-lasting relationships and results.


“Our passion, aptitude and commitment are essential ingredients for the success of our customers, members, and teammates.”

-Red Alpha


About Us

About Us

Red Alpha is a small family of engineers established in 2009. Red Alpha is built upon five core values: Integrity, Collaboration, Learning, Innovation, and Customer Service. Our core competencies include: cyber security, cloud computing, enterprise web applications, mission critical large-scale systems engineering, and large-scale distributed/virtual systems administration.

Quality is a by-product of our passionate engineers. Sustainability is achieved through investment in our members and our infrastructure. Quality and sustainability are also a direct result of our "members first" mentality.

Customer service is a focus of everyone at Red Alpha. Above all, we strive to provide the best service possible to all our customers, to ensure that the Mission is accomplished and all our teams move ahead of the competition. 

Our engineers strive to be experts in the technologies being used to facilitate ever-changing paradigm shifts. As trends in technology continuously evolve, Red Alpha members remain committed to being at the forefront, to deliver focused expert solutions to our customers complex problems. 

We are committed to attracting and retaining the best employees, emphasizing accountability, delivering creative thinking and positive results for our clients.



Five core values shape our company culture and support our overall vision:

  1. Integrity - We demand the highest levels of professionalism and ethics.

  2. Collaboration - We believe we serve our clients best when we all work together.

  3. Learning - Knowing more about our clients, our profession and the places where we operate is essential.

  4. Innovation - We believe that creative thinking is the key to excellence, enduring growth and success.

  5. Customer Service - Our constant quest for improvement helps us deliver high-quality service.

We value the knowledge and opinion of every member of our exclusive family of engineers. We strive to foster an environment where everyone can share and collaborate to spawn new innovations. We encourage members to become subject matter experts, and share that knowledge with other interested members over 'lunchtime summits'.

After business hours, we can be found contributing to community projects and other technical forums, maintaining our excellence in the latest trends in technology. Our people are passionate about what works - not only the latest buzzwords. 

No excuses. We work hard and play hard because it's that much more enjoyable after achieving success. We like to reward ourselves after overcoming that insurmountable mountain or executing that impossible feat. We take pride in ourselves and in the work we do and we have fun doing it - during and after business hours.